Guide to Donations


P.A.L.S. Thrift Shop has been operating since March 2018. The Thrift Shop is a very important component of our fundraising efforts in covering the cost of our Cancer Care program.

We are very grateful and most appreciative of the support of our customers and the amazing generosity of our donors. Thank you!!

We have compiled a list of the items we can receive together with some tips on what is “Fit for Resale”, based on our experience and customer feedback.



Men’s, ladies and children’s wear – gently used, clean and free from stains, mold and holes.



Jewelry, scarves and ties. Plus, handbags and shoes – gently worn, not peeling, heels intact. Clean.



– Clean, without missing pieces.



Dishes and glasses – no cracks or chips. Cutlery, pots and pans, baking dishes, serving dishes, utensils, etc. – gently worn but must be clean.



Blenders, toasters, hair dryers, plus many other household appliances – must be clean and in good working order.



Lamps, pictures, ornamental items, vases, etc – not damaged, stained or cracked.



Bed linen, table linen, curtains and towels – gently used and clean, not heavily stained or worn.



Small occasional pieces, side tables, small bookcases. We can at times take a dining table and chairs and/or sofa and armchair.

Please call us first as it will depend on the availability of space we have at the time. All items should be in good condition and repair.

If in any doubt about other items not listed, please feel free to call the Thrift Shop manager 236 7257 Ext 7 and we will advise accordingly as to whether we can receive or not. Thank you!!